Challenger 2080

The Challenger 2080 has everything the 2280 does its just 2 foot less in length.

The layout and interior features are the exact same as well as the huge wake it throws out. As there is no particular section, the 2 foot has been taken from this boat still looks totally proportional.

The Challenger series have had a makeover in 2006. While their high performance hulls remain untouched their interiors have been redesigned.

On the inside, there is a luxury feel throughout and plenty of space that won’t cramp your style.

Being a rear mount engine this helps to utilize the interior space with large wrap-around seating and loads of handy storage compartments to keep boards, skis and other essentials intact for a roomy uncluttered interior. There is plenty of seating for the entire crew and enough storage to accommodate for all.

As the driver you will feel as though you are in the seat of a luxury sports car. With an ultra stylish 3 tier dash sporting large chrome gauges that add to the boats sporty look. Sitting in a seat that has an adjustable slide and swivel, raised to just the right height so that you have a clear view of your horizon while the ergonomic dash puts all controls and instrumentation right where you need them and adjustable tilt steering to ensure maximum driver comfort. Not to forget the large wrap-around glass windscreen that protects you from the elements.

Due to its size the Challenger 2080 offers an exceptionally smooth and stable ride that keeps you high and dry.

For wakeboarding enthusiasts the Challenger 2080 is also available with the wake Challenger pack…Just like its big brothers.

The Lewis Challenger Series offers the ultimate Wakeboarding experience